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Over multiple seasons in the Northwest, the elements will take a toll on your deck. We carefully curate each deck whether it be a simple restoration or a complete rebuild.  We hand apply stain to all sides of the decking planks before installation and often use seamless fastening systems to ensure your deck is sturdy, beautiful and resilient. 

Decking Restoration Process:

  • Tarping off each individual workspace as needed to provide clean and dry working area
  • Diagnosis and removal of all materials that show moisture, decay and rot
  • Removal of all unsalvageable materials 
  • Evaluation of and repair of foundations as needed
  • Diagonal braces used to reduce lateral sway and prevent shifting due to ground erosion
  • Flashings used to separate home from deck allowing it to “breathe”
  • Hand application of oil based sealant using microfiber rag on all wood surfaces prior to installation
  • Fabrication, fitting and mounting of all new planks, supports and railings
  • Multiple coats as needed and to be evaluated and/or applied in between coats
  • Jobsite cleanup and final walkthrough inspection with client to ensure satisfaction
Decking Repair Process
Decking Rebuilds
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