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Interior Painting

Interior painting requires a lot of finesse with a level of discretion. Thankfully, Reliance Properties diligently incorporates both into each and every home. We make sure to paint to your specifications and keep your home exactly how it is otherwise.

  • We start by removing everything off the walls that can be removed, including all HVAC covers and accessories.

  • We then clean and scrub the walls, sand where necessary, and patch any and all holes and imperfections.
  • Using a masker and our hands, we apply painters tape and paper, as well as drop cloths wherever necessary.
  • We then apply primer, when necessary, lightly sand the primer and either apply a finishing coat with a roller, or use a sprayer depending on the layout and potential immovable obstacles.
  • We remove all painters tape, paper, and plastic using a knife to ensure crisp and clean lines with separation between surfaces.

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