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dry rot

Improperly flashed and sealed areas of a home can often be exposed to prolonged moisture. This can cause dry rot (a fungus named Serpula lacrymans) to grow that will attack the structural fibers of wood-based building materials. 

We remove and replace all materials that show mold and rot and replace them as needed; re-designing these areas to properly route moisture away from the home.  By keeping in close contact with the client along the way and developing a trusting relationship we can make this often-difficult repair process a breeze.

Dry Rot Restoration Process:

  • Tarping off each individual workspace as needed to provide clean and dry working area
  • Diagnosis and removal of trim, moldings, flashings that show moisture, decay and rot
  • Removal of all unsalvageable materials moisture, decay and rot
  • Spraying underlying salvageable materials that show black mold to prevent future growth
  • Joining and rebuilding of underlying structural beams, osb, plywood, moisture sealing with tyvek, hardi-plank siding and trim
  • Sealing and reinforcing of surfaces, sanding if necessary to ensure flush and square fit of newly installed materials
  • Sealing with caulking and mildew resistant paint to match trim and or body color of home
  • Cleanup and proper sealing and painting to protect newly renovated trim and moldings
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Dry Rot Repair

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