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Exterior Painting

“A good paint job is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent painting.”  We strive to complete all our painting projects with discretion, accuracy, and speed in all seasons of the year.  We use exceptional quality mold and mildew resistant products that are designed for use in the Northwest.

 We also provide wood staining and revitalization!

Exterior Painting Processes

  • We first power wash the entire home. Removing dirt, algae, grime, cobwebs, or any current loose or flaking paint so that a clean pliable surface can be achieved.
  • We then apply latex caulking where applicable to ensure smooth, even transitions between surfaces while also providing your home with moisture protection.
  • Where possible, we remove all exterior accessories and mask off windows, doors, and light fixtures.
  • We also cover all potential surfaces that are at risk for over-spray. We stage plastics near plants and only cover them when actively spraying to preserve plant health.
  • We then apply paint with a professional sprayer and properly selected tip to ensure adequate, even coating and maximization of product.
  • Finally, we remove all painters tape, paper, and plastic using a knife to ensure crisp and clean lines with separation between surfaces.
Exterior Painting Before & After
Exterior Painting

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