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decking Services

Over multiple seasons in the Northwest, the elements will take a toll on your deck. We carefully curate each deck weather it be a simple restoration or a complete rebuild.  We hand apply stain to all sides of the decking planks and use seamless fastening systems to ensure your deck is not only beautiful but resilient.

Decking Repairs and Rebuilds REliance Eugene ORegon

Dry rot repair

Prolonged moisture exposure is something we deal with in the Northwest but this also can cause fungus to grow and attack the structural fibers of wood based building materials.  We remove all materials that show mold and rot and replace them as needed.  By keeping in close contact with the client along the way and developing a trusting relationship we can make this often difficult repair process a breeze.

Dry Rot 2
Reliance Eugene Oregon Exterior Painting Services


When it comes to your home, a good paint job can make all the difference. We strive to complete all our painting projects with discretion, accuracy, and speed. Exterior painting also requires a high level of safety precautions. So save yourself from potential dangers and let Reliance take over. You won’t be disappointed.

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